Easter Indulgence

One a penny, two a penny…

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Hot cross buns

Adulthood has brought with it new challenges and twists on tradition that I, as a child, never thought of. From rising early with anticipation on the Easter break to discover the Easter bunny’s wondrous gifts of chocolate rabbits and eggs, to waking late on the Easter weekend to toast hot cross buns and make coffee.

I do not claim to have made these delightful buns myself – thank you, ‘Baker’s Delight’ – however I am reminded only too strongly of the family holiday breakfasts of my childhood. These required hot cross buns, or cereal with a side of sneaky chocolate eggs.

Chocolate fix

While I may have abandoned eating chocolate at breakfast in my sensibility, I have no qualms about chocolate at any other time of day. So this weekend to carry on chocolate tradition I made a semifreddo, courtesy of this month’s Australian Gourmet Traveller.*

Chocolate and roasted almond semifreddo

Gloriously rich and chocolatey, the beauty of the almond-studded chocolate cream I poured into my loaf tin seduced me almost as much as the heady smell and taste of the vanilla bean (pulled out of the mixture after it had cooled and licked clean…).

If you are attempting this recipe, please note that you must keep an eye on the milk at all times and make sure to stir continuously once the egg mixture is added to the pan, to avoid some not-so-lovely lumps.

Currently I am hoarding my semifreddo in the freezer, however it is also a cool treat for entertaining – pull it out, slice it up and serve!

Check out the recipe I used by following the link below for a chocolate reward.

*Recipe by Emma Knowles and Lisa Featherby, ‘Chocolate and roasted almond semifreddo’Australian Gourmet Traveller, March 2016, pg 110